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Yo-yo's Weekend

280 pages3 hours


When Yo-yo's ring is stolen on a weekend visit to his uncle and aunt in York, he enlists ghosts, statues, clowns, fish, indeed anything he can conjure, to help him get it back. Dodging the forty stone international criminal mastermind Mr Vanilla, the weasly circus owner Truss and the delectable twins Rue and Thyme, Yo-yo needs to recover the ring to avoid being sent back to the nut-house where he lives. An all-star cast includes Lily Gusset, the reverse drag artist, Mrs Lollipop, bed-ridden these forty years, Baby the talking blackbird, the custard-pie flinging Lettuce Brothers, Death, him off the telly, the statue of William Etty RA, an ichthyosaur, a weed and a pebble, the voice of Chris Tarrant, a fishy policeman called Constable Kipper, Wee Jocko McTavish, professional Scotsman, and the severed head of the Ninth Earl of Northumberland. Come with Yo-yo on this zany adventure through York past and present, and read a book the like of which you have never read before.

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