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Capitol Submission 2

Length: 74 pages57 minutes


Just let go.

Accept your destiny as my good submissive girl. Do as I say, obey my commands, and please me.

You know you want to.

You know it will make you happy.

Stop denying yourself.

Face it. You feel protected, safe, and secure with me. You know the power I hold and find it intoxicating.

On another level, you know how alike we are. We both want to play the big game, save the world, and do the right thing. We’re driven, unable to stop in our quest for excellence.

But when we’re together...


In dark rooms hidden from public view...

We can be ourselves.


Without judgment...

Only joy.

Now, acknowledge me and let the fun begin.

* * *

D.C. is heating up.

Against her better judgment, attorney Terissa Ivers continues her hot encounters with the powerful man whose face she has never seen.

Meanwhile, President Harrison Pierce is confronted with a new threat. Somebody in Washington wants to prevent him from rescuing twenty-one captured soldiers...and frame him for the murder of the previous President.

What began as filthy steamy delight quickly becomes a life-or-death spy game, forcing Terissa to confront the identity of her secret lover.

Mature content. 18+ only. Book 2 of a 3-book series.

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