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Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living

Length: 338 pages12 hours


Learn how PIZZA, BEER, and YOGA can help you live a healthy and balanced life!

Between yo-yo dieting, overpriced supplements, dangerous medications, and conflicting nutritional information, it's easy to become overwhelmed. The health & wellness genre is cluttered with biased opinions from "popular" fad diet books - many of which are written by self-proclaimed "experts." We're bombarded with it all - and frankly, people are tired of the BS!
From the creator of is this groundbreaking and progressive guide to healthy and balanced living.
With Transformative Nutrition, you can finally take a much needed breath of relief. Everyone should have the privilege to live a balanced life -free from guilt, shame, and limitation. For this reason, Author and Holistic Health Coach, Michael Tamez, is bringing it back to basics. In Transformative Nutrition, you're presented with a unique and emerging concept -holistic diversity. In the book, we'll explore:

•Integrative & Holistic Nutrition
•Relationships & Communication
•Mental & Emotional Health
•Exercise & Yoga
•Leisure & Travel
•Career & Finances
•Spirituality & Mindful Living
•Comfort Food & Emotional Overeating
•Craft Beer & Junk Foods
•And... everything in between

It's time to think outside the rigid and structured diet box. Actually, let's ditch that archaic box and create a new model of living. A model that allows you to be yourself while enjoying the foods and activities you love.

Throughout the book, you're presented with powerful tools, tips, and exercises designed to balance every area of your life. This powerful book explains in detail how to create your own personalized lifestyle that fits your body's specific wants and needs. Follow the book's guidance, and you'll experience incredible lifelong results! Are you ready to join the Pizza, Beer, and Yoga party?

The time is now! Scroll up and purchase Transformative Nutrition.

Cheers and Namaste!

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