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Under Her Spell

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Zachary Callahan is the darkly handsome editor of a magazine dedicated to proving that cold, hard scientific fact reign supreme. When he hears about a small-town shop selling "love potions", he's determined to prove that there's no such thing.

To his chagrin, shop proprietor Bryony Lowell -- with her wide, dreamy green eyes and enchanting red-gold hair -- won't sell him her allegedly magical elixir. It's only when he accepts a bet and agrees to take the potion himself that he realizes that his heart's in danger.

Will Zach fall under Bryony's spell? He's determined to win the bet, but for some reason he can't stop thinking about what it would be like to tangle his fingers in her coppery hair and draw her close for just one kiss....


"Just listen, please? Both of you. I've got the solution to this whole mess."

Zach shrugged. "It can't hurt to hear her out."

"Fine, but that's all I'm doing," Bryony said. "Listening."

She stuck out her bottom lip like a rebellious child and stole a peek at Zach. He was rocking back on his heels, his muscular arms crossed, his brows arched in amused anticipation. He looked totally cool and collected, the opposite of how she felt. Her cheeks still burned, and her throat ached with suppressed tears.

How dare he, she thought. Underneath the outrage, however, lurked a different sentiment. Discovering Zach's true identity, Bryony had suddenly seen herself through his eyes. He must view her as just another flaky female to ridicule and expose.

Three sets of eyes focused on Vivien, who was obviously relishing her role as the center of attention. "I propose a test," she said. "A test of Bryony's love elixir. We'll prove it works -- to your satisfaction, Mr. Callahan."

Zach snorted. "How will you manage that?"

"Because you'll be the guinea pig."

"What?" three incredulous voices chorused.

"That's right," Vivien said, relishing the moment. "Zach will drink the potion. When he falls in love, he'll know its magical powers are authentic."

"Ah," Zach said, smiling. "And who's the lucky lady?"

Bryony glared daggers at her sister, warning her not to say it.

Vivien ignored her. "Why, Bryony, of course," she said. "Who else?"

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