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War Paint ! A Pictorial History of the 4th Marine Division at War in the Pacific. Volume I - The Marshall Islands (Roi & Namur)

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War Paint: A Pictorial History of the 4th Marine Division At War in the Pacific - Volume One: The Marshall Islands (Roi & Namur) February, 1944.

This is Volume One of a four volume series. Volume Two will cover the invasion of the Mariana Islands at Saipan; Volume Three will finish the Marianas with the Invasion of Tinian; and, Volume Four ends the war, but not before the invasion of Iwo Jima in 1945. All four volumes present over 850 photographs and more than 250 artworks. These intended for a mature audience. Viewing by children is not recommended.

During the Winter of 1942, New York City based modern artist, Theo Hios, enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. Soon thereafter, he found his way to other artists and the Marine Corps art program. Thus, a fully documented art movement within the ranks of the 4th Marine Division during the war in the Pacific is re-discovered.

This series will cover virtually every phase of the 4th Marine Division's history during WWII - from inception to the end of the War in the Pacific. If you are a history buff or art historian, then this series is for you.

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