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Tales from Hilbert Space

Length: 147 pages2 hours


Hilbert Space, a very special region of the universe, is a rather unique place.
Inhabited by dozens of space faring civilizations and spanning hundreds of systems, it is home to thousands of stories worth telling.
While the laws of physics, which lead to the rest of space being quite dull and boring for the most part, are acknowledged here, Hilbert Space is known to find many workarounds, loopholes, and compromises that ensure that it is a dangerous, yet also extremely entertaining domain.
This book contains the following four tales that are all set in Hilbert Space:
"Digging Past Evils" is the story of a mining colony, whose miners unearth something that should have better been left undisturbed or at least not handed to a megalomaniac scientist.
"A Smuggler's License" follows Captain Peppita as she revolutionizes how smuggling works in Hilbert Space and also finds out why all finance planets are inherently doomed.
"Void Station" is the name of the remotest space station in the whole of Hilbert Space, where its crew is faced with an unknown adversary and the station's terrible design flaws.
"Plan.C.K." finally tells us that fully automatized colonization does not always work out as intended and why shovels should be forbidden by the 729 revised laws of robotics.

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