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Divine Innocence

Length: 86 pages1 hour


According to ancient First Ones (Fey) lore, “the hunter of the wolf” is the divine mate of the Immortal Fey Queen. Their soul bond brings the Living Goddess to life and peace rules the lands. Twin Flames shall reign supreme, a utopia of unconditional love and acceptance.

Delphian Immortals don’t exist. Then one horrific moment and an innocent vow set into motion events that ring around the world for tens of thousands of years.

Self-exiled Immortal Fey Princess Tarrinaysa D’Orian knew finding her Twin Flame in the wilds of this new land wasn’t possible. Delphian Immortals didn’t exist and yet, there one stood before her. “Within your blood lies the birth of races” her grandmother taught. She was about to get her heart’s desire.

Born Immortal Fey turned Delphian Immortal at his century mark, Wolf Hunter is the first of his kind and their titled Prince. Tarrinaysa enthralled him. Tormenting his days and making his dreams dance to an erotic tune. She belonged to him. He wanted to feel her naked and writhing beneath him.

As the Delphian Prince, he was her mate. If that was true, then why the fear and uncertainty? Can these two divine creatures of myth and legend find equal ground to come together as one? Will they continually search for what they think they want, when their Soul’s only desire is each other?

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