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Dreams of the Last Days: Machines and Machinations

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Many Americans, religious and non-religious alike, have seen the writing on the wall, so to speak, regarding what is transpiring in their homeland. Many have felt the stirrings of prophetic fulfillment even though they may be unaware of the specific prophecies in play, or unwilling to acknowledge prophecy at all. Not all dreams are prophetic. Some are personal warnings and teaching experiences for the individual to whom the dreams are given. Other dreams, well, decide for yourself. If everyone who has had dreams related to the last days were to share their dreams so that all such dreams could be compiled in a reference volume, it would be interesting to see what patterns emerge, and how those patterns tie in to scriptural accounts. If there is anyone out there undertaking such a monumental task, here is one to add to the collection. Note that many dreams of the last days have political implications.

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