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The Beginning In An End

Length: 407 pages6 hours


Talina Royer is banished from her home for events she did not have anything to do with. After years of waiting, she has a chance to change her past but is torn between avenging her father's murder or love from a man she's only just met but has known forever; both of which reside in one person, Gabriel Marek. Now she must come to grips with feeling both familial and romantic love while past family lies become truth and family bonds become physically severed while strengthened in spirit.

Gabriel Marek finds himself divorced, displaced and in need of a new start. Deciding to travel and live his life through the lens of a camera, Gabriel goes to Scotland in search of his missed youth. What he gets, instead, is pain and guilt from someone or something that has attached itself to him. Is this a ghostly possession or reincarnation? He doesn't know but chooses to find out and follows a woman through time and space to get to the bottom of sleepless nights and terrorizing visions. He decides to pass through where he's been led; through the gates.

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