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Boston P.I. Alex Driscole finds himself drawn into an unseemly alliance with Fort Lee detective Eddie Timms while doing a routine investigation for the wife of one of baseballs elite players. It soon becomes apparent that the murder of New York's Alejandro Rios is far more than a simple home invasion and robbery. As Driscole goes from being a number one witness to a man with a target on his back, he soon discovers there's an advantage to teamwork. As the case unravels they soon find evidence that will take them to the very top of Americas favorite pastime and threaten to shake the very foundations of every baseball stadium in America. All signs are pointing to owners who have come up with a new way of dealing with high priced players and have signed their own MVP to bat cleanup. It becomes a struggle for Timms who finds himself fighting his own battle between justice and his own conscience, as his decision could very well prove to pull down the walls of Americas most beloved pastime. As he stands in the batters box for what could be the final out for baseball he prays he doesn't strikeout.

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