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Lady Eloise’s Will

23 pages20 minutes


This is a steamy historical romance short story (word count 5,332).

Joanna has always loved Ryan; he is her first and only love!
However, the path of true love will not run smoothly for Joanna. Lady Eloise, the woman who saved her from life in an orphanage, appeals to Joanna to release Ryan from the strong bonds they have formed for each other, allowing Ryan to set off to sea and become a man.
Joanna, at the guidance and insistence of Lady Eloise, goes on to make the hardest decision of her life. She forces Ryan to leave her, making him think that she never truly cared about him, a decision which leaves both of them heartbroken!
Now, over five years later, Ryan and Joanna come face to face once more to hear the final words of Lady Eloise from her will but what they will find out at the reading will surprise them, igniting again the powerful passion and desire that they both thought they had long ago suppressed for each other!

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