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Jennifer and Rocket

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Sometimes opposites don't just attract - they catch fire and ignite
Jennifer is a middle school teacher with an eye for metrosexual men. Her last boyfriend had more shoes than her. Having no interest in tatted up, pierced, and rough looking Rocket she dances with him anyway since it's just a dance. Wild Rocket has just come back from a binge of drinking, fighting, and sleeping around. Finally deciding to get serious he falls for pretty Jennifer and the hot way she shakes her butt on the dance floor.

In a moment of weakness Jennifer agrees to join Rocket on a visit to an art gallery where she learns that maybe the book is deeper than the cover and love can be found in the least obvious places.

Of course Jennifer has her band of college friends supporting her the whole way; dubbed The Princesses from their freshman year Halloween costumes. Told in alternating POV.

This is a stand-alone book, but much more fun if read along with the other Princess stories.

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