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Loving the Vampire

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"Jenna, this is Rachel Reiner, from Dr. Drinan’s office. Do you remember me?" * * * "Sure I do, Mrs. Reiner. What can I do for you?" Jenna asked curiously. * * * "I can’t say over the phone, but Dr. Smith asked me to call. We need you here." * * * "Is it an emergency?" * * * "Yes. For God’s sake—" her voice broke— "get up here as quickly as you can. Please!" * * * "Oh, lord. Is it Jimmy?" * * * "No. No, it’s not Jimmy." * * * "Where do I go?" * * * "Go to the main entrance. Sandy will be waiting for you." * * * "Sandy!" Jenna exclaimed. "What—" * * * "Oh, don’t ask questions, hurry, and just get here!" The nurse hung up. * * * Alice saw the look on her face. "Jenna, what’s wrong?" * * * "I don’t know, but it’s serious. That call was from the R.N. in Dr. Drinan’s office, and she wouldn’t talk on the phone. I’m off to Good Hope. I can’t imagine what they want me for." * * * Jenna grabbed her jacket and purse, and walked to Second Avenue to hail a cab. She paid the cabbie off at the front entrance of Good Hope Hospital, and saw police cars and uniforms. "Oh God," she muttered, "Aden’s killed somebody." * * * * Jenna McArdle, a naïve Vermonter in the big city of New York, has too much on her plate already to be too disturbed by anyone else’s problems. Which makes her the perfect friend and companion for a handsome doctor hiding a terrible secret. Worse yet, Jenna knows almost as much about his subject as he does: Vampires.* * * * Art imitates unlife as their worlds collide and, suddenly, explode.* * * * But who lit the fuse?

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