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Tiny Eden, Volume: 2, "Carlos' Story"

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Carlos is one of the main characters in the Tiny Eden Story. Readers will "meet him" within the 3rd chapter and will rapidly embrace this boy into their hearts. He enters the story as the "Boy-POW" from the "Youth Militia" that the Sect loves to deploy as cannon-fodder in their genocidal wars. He is an endearing character who however has a brutal past to overcome.

The first few chapters are not for the faint hearten! With brutal accuracy, Carlos brings the reader into the daily lives of the Sect. He opens the reader a window into a cult, we common mortals hardly every begin to understand. He explains what being "Mind-F***ed" really means!

However, he also lets us experience his triumph, his freedom and his undying love to those who have helped him as well to those who had no chance. It is a sad beginning and yet a triumphal ending. When boys dream and make the dreams come true. ...

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