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Payback: Time to die... again!

306 pages4 hours


Cameron's dubious hero returns in this action adventure romance thriller sequel to best-selling Payback is A Bitch, as miscreants, including a judge, seek revenge against a dead man.

~~Payback: Time to die... again~~
In the thrilling action adventure thriller sequel to Payback is a Bitch, returning to the 'House at the End of the Road', Dawoh “Daws” Mbayo becomes a semi-recluse except for his live-in lover, Treshana “Tres” Jones. To his amazement, a uninvited visitor drops by, and not just any visitor, but a Judge. And not just any judge, but the judge that had sentenced Daws’ former wife and her lover to be hung. Even more surprising is that Judge Michel Villar has come seeking the aid of Stuart Andrews, the one person who can help him. The only problem is that Stuart Andrews is dead, at least legally, supposedly murdered by the very people that Judge Villar sentenced to death. Daws (a/k/a Stuart) realizes that helping the Judge will put himself and Tres in jeopardy, as there are some very bad people who want to recover the millions of dollars that Stuart has surreptitiously skimmed from their illicit funds. The same diabolical miscreants want to kill the judge and as Judge Villar explains it, Daws has no option but to comply. Failure means death for all three. Daws’ decision will embark the three of them on a harrowing journey in which they find themselves on the brink of death. O'Neil has crafted another mesmerizing tale of romance, adventure, mystery, action and adventure as his writings draws the reader deeper and deeper until it becomes impossible to put the book down until the last unsuspected twist that leaves the reader breathless until the final word.

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