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Rainbow Gardens

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Rainbow Gardens is a fantastical tale that will blow your mind and expand your view of what is possible by portraying an intriguing world full of unforgettable characters and startling ideas.

Some say Rainbow Gardens is slipstream and others say it’s historical fantasy, but almost all agree that the premise is completely crazy—or "kichigai" as the book’s main character, Harry Shikita, would say. But what’s so kichigai about a Japanese immigrant who opens Minnesota’s first motel in the 1920s and then is adopted by a clan of trolls in search of their Redeemer? Happens every day.

Cursed descendants of Cain, the trolls live all over the world and are desperately trying to find their way back to God through their Redeemer—before the troll hunters find them. They think Harry’s the one who can lead them back to God’s Grace.

Harry wants none of that. He’s on his own quest to be a pillar of the community, a member of the Rotary, an “old boy.” But the ‘20s and ‘30s are a tough time to be Japanese in America, and it only gets worse after Pearl Harbor. Innocent of any wrongdoing, Harry finds himself interned for the duration of the war--and his business in tatters while his son Teddy fights for America in Italy and France.

Can Harry find a way to forgive his adopted country? And in so doing, can he become the trolls' bridge to God's Grace? The answer lies within the neon paradise of Rainbow Gardens.

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