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Seeding New Earth (Books 1-3)

126 pages1 hour


Three tales of young, untouched, fertile women who will surrender to their passions and be dominated by much older handsome men as they fight to survive the dangers of an alien planet! This collection contains the first three books in the Seeding New Earth science fiction erotic romance series, and a sneak preview of Kept by the Alien King.


Innocent Eva Shepard wakes up stranded and alone on an alien planet in a galaxy far from home. But who should wander into her camp, but the sexy, imposing Lieutenant Commander Samson Reed. Little do they know, they are not alone. Even though a powerful force lurks in the shadows and threatens their safety, Samson will take fertile, obedient Eva to ensure humanity’s future!


Stranded on an alien planet, carefree, naive Skye Jenkins doesn’t want to be tamed. But when sexy, dominating Hunter Haynes catches her enthusiastically enjoying herself out in the open, the attraction between them is immediate and possessive. Despite the danger lurking in the shadows, Hunter is determined to repopulate New Earth with his willing submissive, fertile beauty!


Sheltered, rich, carefree Mae Zhang wakes up on New Earth in the arms of the commanding, mysterious Ryker Burns. Neither of them can resist the growing attraction exploding between them. Despite her innocence, Ryker is exactly the kind of bad boy Mae’s always dreamed of being with—especially for her first time. Although Ryker has his own secrets to hide and an alien presence lurks in the shadows, hunky, dominant Ryker is determined to take untouched, fertile Mae hard and without protection—just how he likes it.

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