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Is your relationship worth fixing? Can you and your ex get back together? What do you need to do in order to get your ex back?

In this quick-read toolkit, certified life coach and relationship expert Angela Atkinson offers an in-depth guide to making the ultimate relationship decision.

“This book taught me to be honest with myself about my own behavior in the relationship. What an eye-opener.” ~ B. Johnson, early reviewer

Atkinson serves up a simple but effective blueprint to help you both analyze and take stock of your relationship. Plus: learn how to move forward in your life, with or without your ex.

If you’re involved in a chronically frustrating or unfulfilling relationship, this book will teach you to:
Determine whether your relationship is healthy or toxic
Decide whether your ex is worth your time and effort
Figure out who is causing the majority of the problems in the relationship (and why)
Stop waiting for someone else to give you permission to become the best possible version of yourself
Become independent and learn to live without your partner, even if you decide to work on the relationship.
And much more.
Rest assured - this is the book you’ve been looking for. And you’ll find all kinds of useful tools, plus plenty of support and information to help you move forward. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect inside the book.
How Did We Get Here in the First Place?
Is Reuniting With Your Ex a Real Possibility? How to Know for Sure.
Finding Yourself Again Through the Pain
Pumping up Your Physical Appearance
The “Mind” Part of Getting Over It
Out With the Old – In With the New
Is Your Ex Really Worth Your Time?
How to Take That First Step Back Into the Dating Game
What Traits Do You Want In a Companion?
Giving Your Ex the Green Light to Get Back Onboard
Smoothing the Way for a Stress-Free Reunion
Having “The Talk” – Are You or Aren’t You?
Special Obstacles for Star-Crossed Lovers
What to Do If All Else Fails

What are you waiting for? This book won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time - and it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for in order to get your ex back. Download it today and get started toward your new and better life, right now.

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ISBN: 9781310444562
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