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Multiverse Superhero in Waiting

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Tom is asleep in the Underground Prison Complex. His mop of hair frames his sunburnt, freckled face. He is muttering, fingering his oversized, pointed ears.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Tom wakes abruptly.
His sleep area is pitch black,deep underground. He can vaguely see the golden, metallic form of robot FIDO, standing next to his bunk. The robot is currently dormant, recharging. Otherwise, the prison, its rooms deeply buried and cut from solid rock, is totally silent.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Tom’s huge ears amplify the sound.
Lights flash on. Prison Warder Computer CLEO speaks from a loudspeaker built into a wall. “Who can it be? 3 a.m. Who would call at such an hour! And why?”
Tom: “Is 3 a.m. visiting hours?”
CLEO: “No! Definitely not! It is not visiting hours! I have been taking my scheduled break! I have been busy playing the Moscow Chess Club in the Internet Master Challenge! Now this horrid, horrid disruption! Three Grand Masters remain on the board! They must be checkmated! Tom! You must handle this minor domestic matter! I am going to open the top entrance! Get your sword ready for action! If it is a gang of ruffians, you and FIDO must take care of them! Catch them as they come through the bottom entrance door! Now I must fly! ”!
The noise continues. Boom! Boom! Boom!
The TV screen flashes on.

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