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The Silent Scream

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From the calls of the birds, the rumbling of elephants, the unnerving chuckle of hyena at night, and the silent scream of the impala on its death throes with its outstretched neck the lions jaws to the antics of some of the human inhabitants, the sounds and sights of the African bush are relived in these pages.
There are other adventures which did not involve hunting such as the rescue of an aeroplane from Khartoum and the the flight across the Sagara in a dust storm. These are adventures to which anyone can relate - especially one lucky enough to have lived in Africa.
There is no description of wholesale slaughter of animals, just the excitement and satisfaction of the hunt. Indeed some of those hunted survived the encounters.
There are encounters with all of the big game of Africa and many of the plains game, lesser species and birds. Countries in which these hunts took place include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi. The laws and regulations controlling firearms and hunting are discussed.

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