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Spiritual Life Prime

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The human spirit is the core of man’s being. Ancient in design and function its link was intended to be directly with God, the Father. He is the Ancient of Days meaning I Am who has forever been and will always be. The human is a created being, who formerly did not exist in singularly natural form. Of the dust, man is one of many created beings, elevated in spiritual purpose. His primary function is to connect and reflect the will of God. The Father’s majesty desires someone with whom he can fellowship.

A fellow of God would have to be made in his image and likeness as he is glorious and there are none like him in all creation. His ultimate design of man was in fusion (god/man) for him to merge eternally via the tree of life. This tree gave a mortal immortality as the original intent of our Father for his man to grow into possession of.
In freedom, by the Spirit, we enter into eternity. Our possibilities are in Jesus because he is the Word (spirit) in action who was made flesh. Henceforth the word was incapable of leaving the pages of the Book to make constant impression on the human heart. It needed the harmonious ingredient of Christ's breath, (ruah) spirit on the earth and this culminated in a new testament. The word was made flesh...

This freedom of spirit cannot sincerely be claimed if we yet primarily walk after the flesh. Believers eat spiritual food and drink spiritual drink, laying aside things that hinder the process. In order to claim authentic spiritual life, we endeavor not to fool ourselves or others as to the method of our journey. There is distinction between the straight and narrow way and the broad path. We cannot merely act our way into eternal life. In this attempt at a masquerade our destination is missed, even destiny may elude us. This work adds a panoramic view of spiritual life as core and fundamental to the believer's journey.

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