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The Reunion

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An Excerpt:

I quickly turn around and chirp, “Bye. Goodnight.” Hopefully, he gets my hint and goes off soon.

He seems a bit downcast. “Night.”

I proceed to close the timber door when he halt it by slapping his palm onto its surface. “Wait. A goodnight kiss?”

My nerves are unravelling and getting tangled as I look into his dark eyes. I can’t move when he closes up to me and cradles my cheek in his free hand.

He presses his lips firmly against my temple. Within the relief that it’s only a peck on the forehead, there is anxiousness ... and anticipation. His lips move down to make contact with my cheek. That touch on my skin reminds me of how much I miss his tender kisses.

He needs to stop, or else, I’ll lose the control.... However, the man continues the encroachment as he nibbles my ear, triggering streams of desire to course through my system. I bite my lips to prevent any sounds from escaping and betraying my feelings. Then he seeks for my lips. After several light smooches, I feel his tongue running over my lips. He takes a deep ragged breath before grabbing me by my waist and pulls me to his chest.

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