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Spa: A Novel of Love in the Caribbean

308 pages5 hours


Seeking rejuvenation and rest, six very different people converge at a lush Caribbean spa on the island of St. Christoph and find more than they had bargained for: mystery, intrigue, and romance. Successful and single journalist Joyce Redmond, who is on assignment to root out the nitty gritty on the other guests, has been so busy working on her career that she has forgotten to work on her life. Cliff Eastman, the romantic over-the-hill movie star and heartthrob, is watching his career fade through the bottom of a bottle. Cathy Stewart, the overweight, frustrated housewife, who cringes each time her husband calls her his “big mama,” is intent on finding a way to shed that image. Maxine Kraft, married for twenty-five years needs only a little more courage to face the world as a single woman. Finally, there is Belle Taylor and her famous teen idol daughter, Regina, who both need to find a way to stop hating each other.
Fortunately, the Spa at St. Christoph has something for everyone. Yet, behind the luxurious façade of this retreat awaits a mystery for which they had not bargained.

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