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Sienna Rose

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Not many women would say turning forty was the highlight of their life, but for Sienna Rose Carlisle it appeared that it may be the end of hers. As she approached this milestone the heart she once took for granted seemed to be failing. When medical professionals weren't able to diagnose her and provide an effective treatment, she looked for help in the pages of women's magazines, yoga studios, and reading food labels.

As her physical suffering intensified, Sienna's mind was repeatedly drawn back to the defining event of her young life, her mother's death in a tragic accident. Twelve year old Sienna didn't understand how a loving God could let her mother die when she needed her the most. In her grief and anger she walked away from the heavenly Father who loved her desperately and longed to heal her broken heart. Without Sienna's cooperation God used her obsession about her failing heart to reconcile Sienna's current suffering with her past, bring her back to Himself, and finally heal her broken heart.

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