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Enticing the Weary Warrior (The Rogue Agents, #3)

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Five years ago Megan and Liam were in love.  Set to marry, tragedy struck when word arrived that Liam had been killed.  Devastated, Megan attempted to pick up the pieces of her shattered life.  Now, five years later, Megan finds herself homeless and without any hope of a family.  Living with her brother and his family, all she has to live for are her horses, Legend and Lady Belle.  She has her sights set on winning the elusive British Triple Crown with Legend and creating a racing dynasty.


Liam faked his death five years ago to get close to Napoleon in order to learn the man’s secrets.  Now, he finds himself back on British soil with no clue as to what he is supposed to do with his life.  Having been a prisoner of war and seen the horror of the battlefield, he suffers from debilitating nightmares and physical ailments that make him question his manhood and sometimes his sanity.  Memories of Megan, the love of his life, kept him sane when he would have gone mad.  But he quickly finds a dream and reality are two very different things.


When Megan eavesdrops on a conversation and finds out her beloved Liam is alive, she doesn’t know whether to rejoice or let her feelings of anger and betrayal rule her.  Does she want to see him?  Can she trust him with her heart after what he’s done?  Can she convince him, her weary warrior, to trust her with the nightmare of his past, or will it all be for naught as danger surrounds Megan, threatening her life and their future happiness once more?  And will Liam be able to overcome the obstacles from his past to save the woman he loves so they can have a future and lifetime of love together?  This is a story of love, redemption, and healing.

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