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The Playgirls Boxed Set: The Playgirls, #4

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Now get all three books in the Playgirls series with this single Boxed Set!

Catch and Release - Book 1 in The Playgirls series
Three beautiful co-eds live by the mantra 'Catch and Release'. Spending their summers teasing handsome guys, just to let them go again is a way of life for the Playgirls, but life has a funny way of catching up with them.

Katherine, a beautiful actress, has her eyes on her hot, new director, but is their sizzle too hot to handle?

The self-proclaimed cougar, Chelsea, prowls the college campus hunting for her prey. When she meets her match, will there be a new Queen of the Cougars on campus?

Alyssa, quiet, yet still as intoxicating as the other two, has a growing 'Catch and Release' to-do list. With one eye on a trust fund man, her heart still burns for an old flame. Finding her perfect match may be too daunting a task for her.

Three bold women on the cusp of life. Three journeys through life that will change them. Three Playgirls who are about to learn just how complicated life can get.

Growing Up - Book 2 in The Playgirls series
Used to playing games and winning, the Playgirls are about to discover that what used to work is no longer viable for them.

Life finds them struggling to get by, just like everyone else. Not prone to having to work so hard for what they want, Chelsea, Alyssa, and Katherine have to tighten up their game or risk losing what they thought they once had.

When Chelsea meets her match in handsome Antonio, the chase is on, but will Antonio be easily snared in her silly game or is Chelsea about to learn a very tough lesson?

Things become very complicated for perfectionist Alyssa when she takes the game to a whole new level and winds up entangled in a sticky situation.

Budding actress Katherine stumbles upon what could be her big break, but finds out the hard way that she's just a fish in a huge pond.

With powerful men and demanding careers, the Playgirls must change their game to succeed. It won't be easy, or fun. Can these three young women finally let go of old ways or are their old habits destined to cause them problems every step of the way?

The Big Leagues - Book 3 in The Playgirls series
The Playgirls are in the big leagues now with serious careers and serious relationships, but that doesn't stop trouble from finding them.

Katherine is ready for babies, but Ken has other plans. Compromising is not a skill Katherine is used to and Ken has invested too much time as the long-suffering man on the sidelines. In order to have what they want, one will have to bend, but which is really up for that challenge?

Alyssa is finally focused, but has that focus left a blind spot for her. Love is only a few feet away from her. Will Alyssa take notice and let passion and desire finally take flight?

Random sexual encounters are still the name of the game for Chelsea. While love is right there waiting for her to embrace it, she struggles with her insatiable appetite for one more fling. Giving in may mean giving up the only chance she has for an authentic relationship. Is she ready?

Can the Playgirls end their game and let love reign or have their games gone too far?

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