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Heart of Clouds

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Set in a dystopian future, this little allegory of love, hope and a very first kiss teaches us that friendships and kindness are the most important things that sustain the human race.  By the end of the novel you will see how friendship cures even the worst depression, and that the language of the heart is something everything on the planet really can speak.

Follow Teenie and Devlin back to being thirteen, and that magic a first crush has.  Meet old Mr. Honeygarten and his friends in the garden by the meadow near the sea.  Have tea, while he tells Teenie about Claire, the love of his life.

There are love letters and secret notes, a sea hut, and a puppy named Brownie.  There are wonderful grandparents, much like the author's own as a child.

There is a magic sea turtle named Tut and a kingdom of friends in the animal world just waiting to meet you in these pages.

Heart of Clouds is about love, and how love heals.

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