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The Hurryat

209 pages3 hours


What is freedom? When the President is captured by the world's most wanted man, one of the Terrorist's men, Hassan, little more than a boy, is sure he knows the answer. Holding their hostage in a secret location, the kidnappers have only to wait three days until the President's online execution before the eyes of the world ensures victory and the end of their struggle.

Then a man in black appears from the desert. He carries an antique silver dagger and a rare golden songbird in a cage. He claims to be there to help the kidnappers in their mission. Torture is his trade.

Like the Terrorist and the rest of the men, Hassan is at first suspicious, then quickly amazed by the newcomer's abilities. What he doesn't realise is that this master of his craft has plans for him, too - and that on his seemingly insignificant actions, and the song of a magical bird, could hang the balance of mankind's future.

'The Hurryat' is many things: a thriller, a socio-political commentary, an initiation story and a magical/spiritual tale. It is gripping and fast-paced in the manner of contemporary bestsellers, while its roots are firmly in essence in Eastern fable and folktale tradition. It has been described variously as "a beautiful book with a powerful vision", "a must for those who delight in sound literature and intriguing plots" and "an anthem to life". Unique and challenging, warm and life-affirming and an urgent voice in our times of global conflict and accelerating change, 'The Hurryat' shows how each of us must play a part in finding the freedom we have lost.

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