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Make Money From Home As A Freelance Writer

Make Money From Home As A Freelance Writer

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Make Money From Home As A Freelance Writer

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Oct 22, 2013


Are you looking for a way to escape your boring cubicle job and experience the freedom of working online from home as a freelance writer?

You can make money online from home doing freelance writing online that can replace, or even exceed, the income from your traditional job.

If you are ready to break free from that cubicle, then the Cubicle Freedom Series can give you the information that you need to make that happen.

In this book, you will learn:
-- why ANYONE can make money online with freelance writing
-- what kind of money you can make as an online freelance writer
-- where to find all the freelance writing jobs, including the high paying ones
-- what the requirements are for getting hired as a freelance writer by clients
-- which places pay freelance writer the best and the worst
-- how many ways can you make money from home as a freelance writer
-- where to find more resources on being an online freelance writer

While this book is short, it gives you all the information that you need to get started as a freelance writer. There are no images in the book to inflate the page count - just facts.

Please note that this guide is geared more towards people who are new to freelance writing, or who only have a little experience as opposed to seasoned professionals.

Here's to YOUR cubicle freedom!

Oct 22, 2013

About the author

Henley Griffin has been spending most days in pjs at the computer earning a full-time income online since late 2008/ early 2009. Originally focusing on niche websites, Henley currently makes money online from a variety of things such as working as a Google rater, niche websites and online freelance writing. You can find Henley blogging at -- or look on Twitter @SquidProfits if you're looking for more information on making money online.

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Book Preview

Make Money From Home As A Freelance Writer - Henley Griffin



My first experience with freelance writing happened while I was in college doing an internship. At the time, I was majoring in Business and Communication and the entertainment company where I was interning just happened to have their own magazine. After working there a few months, I was allowed to write for the publication despite having no prior experience.

While I eventually earned a Bachelor's degree in English and Journalism, and later a M.B.A., my experience taught me that pretty much anyone can do freelance writing. In fact, after finishing up my time interning I discovered that pays people as guides to do freelance writing on their site. All it took was filling out a quick online application to see if they would hire me. A month later I got an email that they wanted to give me a chance to write for them. I was young and stupid at the time, so I ended up blowing them off to do other things. That decision likely cost me an easy $800 - $1,000 a month in online freelance writing income.

I did not get serious about making money from freelance writing online until around 2005. At the time, it was incredibly easy to just write about whatever you wanted and get paid between $7 to $15 on a site that was just starting out called Associated Content (now Yahoo Voices). Back then, they offered an upfront payment as well as lifetime royalty payments on your articles. Each month I made thousands of dollars from them, and I still to this day get monthly royalty payments ranging between $30 and $70.

Currently, I still do a little freelance writing online here and there. I have the fortunate luxury of being able to be picky and only take gigs that pay a high amount per word. However, almost every single place mentioned in this guide is one that I have done freelance writing for at some point in the recent past. For places that I have no experience with as a freelance writer, it will be mentioned so that you know.

Like Associated Content back in 2005, there are still plenty of places that will pay you to write for them with no prior experience. Some of them pay very poorly while others pay quite well if you can demonstrate a good command of the English language and proper writing structure.

Of course, if you do have prior experience or a related college degree (such as my Journalism degree), then you can get paid considerably more for your work.

I honestly believe that ANYONE can make money online with freelance writing. In fact, I know few people personally who started with zero prior experience or credentials and were able to start making full-time income in the time span of about six months.

While I do not know him personally, a good example of someone with no experience who went on to make a lot of money writing online is Tom Ewer of If you look at his income reports, you will notice that he started focusing on freelance writing in October 2011 and by February 2012 he was making over $3,000 per month from online freelance writing.

This guide will cover places that will pay anyone to write as well as those place that require a little experience or education. Not all of the places mentioned in this guide pay what I consider a fair amount for the work required, however I have included them for people who may find themselves in a dire financial situation where any income is better than none.

While this guide will focus mostly on places that will pay you to write for them, keep in mind that you can also offer your own writing services independently. This will be touched on some, but is not the focus of this Cubicle Freedom Series guide.

However, for those interested in turning freelance writing into a full-time career, I will share some tips on how to go from $0 to a full-time monthly income just with freelance writing jobs - including where to find work and how to set your rates. This is something that can be accomplished by working less than 40 hours per week. This guide will also mention potential tax issues and budgeting concerns for the full-time freelancer.

By the end of this guide, you will be ready to make a freelance writing action plan that will take you from $0 per month to thousands per month. Based on my own experience and that of other freelance writers I've talked to, it normally takes between 90 and 120 days to get to that full-time income of over $2000 per month from freelance writing.


Getting Started

If you are reading this guide, then you likely already know that freelance writing can offer a great side income or alternative to a traditional full-time cubicle job. The opportunities available range from low paying to high paying, with lots of options in between.

Possibly the best thing about freelance writing it that is enables you to work from anywhere in the world at any time. And the only real skills that you need to be a successful freelance writer is a good command of the English language and the ability to meet deadlines. That being said, I have seen some very successful freelance writers who do not speak English as their first language but who make full-time incomes writing in English.

When I first started freelance writing online, I already had some experience doing print assignments. However, the nice thing about online freelance writing is that zero experience is required.

If you are new to freelance writing, then you will quickly notice that there are a lot of places that will pay you to write for them online. The pay rate and quality of clients vary greatly among these places, so it is best to have a bit of a plan before jumping right into the fray.

If you are an experienced writer who does not have a desperate need for immediate cash, then you will not want to waste your time on the sites that pay poorly. Likewise, if you are not so sure of your writing skills or if you need cash fast, then skipping the higher paying sites for now might offer the best return on your time and immediate financial needs.

Most freelance writing sites, as well as individuals and other sites who hire freelance writers, typically require at least a single writing sample. Some sites also require a writing resume, but this is not as common a requirement as the sample.

As someone who has spent many years working in online freelance writing, I have had to write my share of samples in order to get jobs. Over the years, I have picked up a few things that seem to help make the process easier, which I will share with you. I will also give you some information on how to get a writing resume together, if you end up needing one for a potential writing gig.

If you already have some experience writing online, then you will likely just want to skip the rest of this chapter as it is geared more towards those who are new to freelance writing online. The next few pages discuss what you need to get started as a freelance writer so that you are best prepared for success.

How To Get The Highest Rates

It is no secret that there is a huge demand for content from various online websites. The good news about this is that you should see no real shortage of available work opportunities when it comes to getting freelance writing gigs. But like anything else, the high availability of work also means that there are a lot of other freelancers waiting to snap up those gigs.

To ensure that you get the best gigs, you need to

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