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Jungle Olympics-800 Metres Sprint

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London Olympics 2012 will only be for human beings, what about the birds and animals?

The birds and animals have deceided to start their own olympics......The Jungle Olympics. As it is the 1st olympics in the jungle’s history, all the animals are very excited and every one of them want’s to take part.

1st Olympics event, 800 metres sprint event has started. Mr Horse, a race horse, Mr Deer, who “flies”, Mr Rabbit and Mr Tortoise are participating. Mr Horse is running to get the nationality, Mr Deer for the sake of fun, Mr Rabbit to take revenge & Mr Turtle, just to be remembered as the turtle that ran 800 meters Olympics sprint event. A large crowd is jeering at the slow creeping Mr Turtle. He must do what his mother had advised him to do ... be the last one who laughs.

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