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Guarding the Treasure

225 pages4 hours


For Sophie Hanes, life is predictable and relatively uneventful, until . . .

. . . she finds an old diary in her grandmother s attic, written in the unfamiliar Irish language, Gaelic. In her quest to know more, she sets out to find an interpreter and runs into the sexy New Yorker, Kevin Gates, who is more than happy to help interpret the language.

Kevin finds himself moving too close, too fast, falling in love with a woman who may be too preoccupied to share his feelings. There is another man bidding for Sophie s attention: a History Professor in Ireland, well versed in the diary's language.

As events unfold, Sophie finds out too late she s been targeted in a sinister scheme.

The diary pulls Sophie into the life of Ms. Anya O Connell, the young woman who writes of her fate and discloses the dark behavior of those who surround her. Sophie s only hope may be a spirit-guide, the one they call Three. If she is willing to believe, he is willing to assist her in a journey she won t soon forget.

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