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Type: short story and the word count is about 13,000 words
The fairy tales you know with a wicked twist. Start this novella fantasy action adventure series with a short story and enter a deadly world that could use a little hope and love.

A woman, Jane, who seems out of place in her own world is transported to a world of fairy tales. All is not happy endings for the world of AaBack's Grimm holds a dark and deadly secret for Jane.

In our world, Jane has lived life as if a curse has been on her, her entire life. As an artist, she has created artwork of many fairy tale characters, but her favorite is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. When she enters the World of Grimm, Jane comes across the Beast, and she's instantly struck with a need to help him. What Jane doesn't understand is that his curse is nothing like the ones in the fairy tales.

AaBack's Grimm Dark Fantasy Action Adventure Fairy Tale Series:
#1 Tale Of Two Worlds: The Wizard, The Battle Mage, And The Werewolf
#2 Friends Reunited: The Janus Beast, The Rose Beauty, And The Cursed Duckling
#3 Dragon Scorned: The Towering Mountain Citadel, The Sword Of Cross-Worlds, And The Maximus-curse

Published: Kristie Lynn on
ISBN: 9781311860828
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    AaBack's Grimm - Kristie Lynn Higgins

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    Chapter One

    The Dream

    For the few moments the dream lingered within her mind like starlight near day's twilight, Jane didn't know if her mind fancy had been a long-forgotten memory that recently returned to her when she entered her teens or if the dream was only a wishful hope and yet a horrible reminder of the life she existed in. Through the first part of her adult life and into her early thirties, the dream remained the same and never differed and each time she dreamed the occurrence, she experienced each moment as if it was for the first time, and she never remembered what was coming until she was swept into it.

    It always began with herself as a young child walking through a scary forest she didn't recognize. She wore blue shorts and a black t-shirt with a pretty white swan on it. Jane never remembered how she happened to be in the forest or why she was alone at such a young age. The dense forest was frighteningly dark with only glimmers of light here and there along with large fireflies the size of her fists that seemed to crackle with blue lightning. She felt so lost as creatures angrily squawked or roared around her. She slowly made her way through the thick underbrush for what seemed like a long time, and then she began to feel isolated and deeply alone. Despair seized her and wrapped her up in its cold embrace, and it would have dragged her even deeper into hopelessness and made her give up on ever finding her way out if a bright light hadn't of broken through the dark canopy. The sunbeam beckoned her to it, so Jane climbed her way over roots, pushed her way through shrubs and bushes until she broke free of the forest, and came upon a bright sunny clearing. There in the clearing was a small pond, and she saw herself in its reflection. Dirt and leaves covered her and made her appear like a little mud elf with pointed ears, but she didn't care. She was free of the creepy trees.

    Voices drew her over a hill and into a small meadow valley where a boy and a girl played. Jane was a little younger than the two children who looked to be about five and for some reason, Jane got the impression the two weren't siblings. The boy and the girl turned to Jane as she stood on the hill above them near tears. They peered at her for a long time, and Jane was afraid they might run away or even worse, pretend she wasn't even there. The blond boy seemed like some sort of prince from a fairy tale with the purple garb and the gold crown he wore. Jane noticed a medallion around his neck of some sort of beastly creature. The girl with long black hair was beautiful like a princess, she had on a flurry white dress with red roses vining all over it, and she had a blue birthmark under her left eye in the shape of a double lightning bolt. Jane stared back at them as curiously as they peered up at her. She looked down at herself, remembered how dirty she had gotten in the forest, and wondered what she must look like to them. Jane wanted to run to them and grab hold of them as if they had been friends for years, but she was afraid to move because, for some reason, she feared if she did, they would disappear.

    The boy and the girl looked at each other, and then they both held out their hand for her to come and join them. A tear of extreme joy trickled down her cheek as she ran to them and grabbed their hands. The next part of the dream was a little fuzzy. Jane did get a sense that