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Powers, Spice, And Not So Nice

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Girl Power Rules The Night In The POWERS, SPICE, AND NOT SO NICE Box Set

Welcome to a world of magic and mayhem where witches, shifters, angels, ghosts, and vampires walk (or lurk) among us. Where normal humans suddenly discover they aren’t so normal after all, and where it’s up to strong, courageous women to save the day.

If you crave stories with super and magical heroines, action, and paranormal creatures, then you’ll love the mystical allure of this box set. We’ve collected ten amazing new adult/paranormal novels by some of the best up-and-coming authors for your reading pleasure.

> The Books In This Set Have Collectively Earned Over 400 5-Star Amazon Reviews! <

Every book in this powerful set features a strong female heroine who must confront and overcome her demons (sometimes literally) in order to save the day. Genres include paranormal romance, paranormal action, paranormal dystopia, paranormal time-travel, and more. Each story promises adventure, high stakes, unforgettable characters, and something out of the ordinary.

The novels in this set include:

> After The Ending – Lindsey Pogue/Lindsey Fairleigh

> The Broken Sky – Andrew Mayer

> Falling – J Bennett

> Few Are Angels – Inger Iversen

> Kill It With Magic – J. A. Cipriano

> Ringmaster – Trudi Jaye

> Shadow’s Awakening – Molle McGregor

> Shifty Magic – Judy Teel

> The Spookshow – Tim McGregor

> Echo Prophecy – Lindsey Fairleigh

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