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Smudge the Misty Hollow Cat Detective: A Smudge the Cat Mystery, #2

Length: 112 pages1 hour


Ever wondered what Smudge the cat gets up to when Darcy Sweet is off solving mysteries (or getting married, going on her honeymoon to Australia and leaving him with that JoEllen... um Ellen person)?

In 'Misty Hollow Cat Detective - Smudge the Cat Mystery - Box Set 2' Smudge is back with more of his antics as he gets involved with his own mysteries and adventures.


Tony, the alley cat, knows that there is something very different about his girlfriend, Sheba. He enlists Smudge's help to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Garbage Day

Enzo, the small brown cat, is highly agitated because someone is stealing his family's garbage. Smudge thinks he is crazy but is soon right in the middle of another mystery.

The Ghost in the Basement

Tony has another mystery for Smudge. A pair of Russian Blue's, Omar and Paolo, are being terrorized by a ghost in their basement.

Kids will be Kids

Smudge isn't sure that babysitting is in his job description but when Connor and Lilly look like they are about to get into trouble, Smudge follows along to make sure they don't.

The Ghost Dogs

Corvin the crow enlists Smudge's help for his unusual friend Boyd. Boyd has a BIG problem... he is being haunted by a pack of ghost dogs.

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