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How to Succeed With Your Great Business Idea: A Smart Strategy Book for Entrepreneurs

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This is the book for everyone who has a great business idea and wonders what to do with it. Should you act on it and start a business or not? If so, how? Read this book for a step-by-step guide about what to do (or not do) about your business idea.

If you decide to follow through and open a business based on your idea, you will have already learned a lot after reading this book about what your next steps are. If you decide not to go ahead with it, you will have saved yourself lots of time, effort and money by knowing early on that it's not right for you.

Either way, you win. You get off the fence with that idea, and you have peace of mind about whatever you choose to do with it.

What Readers Say:

"This book is a 'must read' for anyone considering starting a business; it will give you a good idea of what it will take to make your business dream work. It's also a really fun read.

As an entrepreneur for forty years, I wish I had this information prior to starting my own business. It surely would have saved me lots of time and money."

Sue B.
Golden, Colorado

"This is an extremely valuable book that walks people through all the things they need to consider when evaluating whether to take their great idea for a business into the real world.

The breadth of Hickok's knowledge is evident in every chapter of the book, which covers how to turn your business idea into an actual business, common mistakes to avoid when starting a business, and how to effectively market and sell what you offer so you make decent money.

He also has a no-nonsense yet friendly writing style that makes for an extremely enjoyable reads like having a very smart best buddy who's cheering you on while also looking out for your best interests."

Amazon Review

"I can't praise your book enough. I found it to be clear, well written, well organized and very instructive. It helped me affirm both my decision to create my business and the strengths I bring to the table."

Yvonne C.
Richmond, Virginia

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