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A Taste of Bloodwine

Length: 60 pages51 minutes


Learning tennis was just the means to an end—a way to eliminate The Target—a perverted lowlife who preys on innocent women. An avid tennis player, The Target travels to different cities in search of his next victim—who usually end up beaten, violated, and in a couple instances...dead.

For the vampire Dian, and her human host, Anthony—they have had enough of this man’s history of violence. Somehow, The Target has been able to avoid prosecution and imprisonment for his actions—so for Dian and Anthony, they feel it’s time to take matters into their own hands...after all, a vampire’s got to feed, right?

Joined by their close friend Amy, the three set out on an adventure of lust, pleasure, and bloody justice.

It’s a weekend Anthony will never forget.

Warning: This story contains adult language, situations, violent images, and sexually explicit content: it is intended for readers over the age of eighteen.

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