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A Journey of Truth

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Follow the continuing journey of Aaslan and his sister, Aisha, as they return to home life in the village of Bursa with their mother and father, and new friends. Will the aftermath of their Istanbul adventures have unforeseen consequences as they try to resume what was, all the while dreaming of what could have been? Is it possible to let go of the fear? As the men return to the nearby village to pick up winter supplies, the women tend to the small farm and stock animals. A early fall storm sets the pace for the women and "all that can go wrong," while the men encounter travelers they did not expect to see. When the identify of the mysterious travelers is discovered, Aaslan and his father, and friend, Udmurt, must make their way home over treacherous trail. Will they arrive home on time?
“What men?” Kerem demanded of the young man.
“I did not know...”
“What did you do? What did you tell them? Yousef, you must tell me!”
“The man Aaslan recognized and the one Hasad pointed out this afternoon,” Yousef started to explain, and as he did he realized there might have been error in his ways. “He asked me questions. I did not know why he wanted to know such things...”
“What things?” Kerem demanded, his tone menacing.
“They asked about their business and if they might have time to discuss with them some other matters while they were in town. I thought that request was innocent enough. They then inquired where Hasad and the others might be staying.”
“That is why they were watching my home.”
“I thought it odd the man mentioned having business with Hasad although it did not seem to me that Hasad wanted to meet with them. They did say, though, it was something that could wait until they caught up with them in Bursa,” Yousef replied. “What is odd, Kerem, my friend... I did as Hasad asked. I did not mention Bursa in our conversation.”

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