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Glagnodian's Vengeance Book 1

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Glagnodian's character, resolve and strength were fostered and forged in a lifelong pledge to protect his king and his kingdom. His skills and abilities were pushed to perfection in arduous training since early childhood and tested in battle until victory or death, never defeat or surrender.

Glagnodian was a Royal Guardian fiercely loyal to his lord, King Arithmious, and their kingdom Croftshire. Glagnodian's sole purpose and desire in life was to serve his lord and territory.

Although Glagnodian's skills, abilities and purpose came from his training and pledge, his desires, just like any other man's, came from his heart and had a will of its own.

A beautiful woman named Aliastella was quickly becoming the center of his desire. He was equally her desire but this could not be, for Glagnodian's desire was spoken for by his pledge to his king and kingdom.

An invasion from a powerful evil force of unknown origin, at the time, has forced Glagnodian's heart to choose between his two desires. Glagnodian's choice proved costly. Now with his heart empty of desire and full of regret, guilt, hatred and venom, he sets out to settle the score but what he discovers will eclipse his darkest fear and imagination.

Take the adventure today and escape immersed in this fantasy thriller.

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