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Contra Scotia

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A preface lays out scope of working, attacking empiricism and atheism. Chapter 1 discusses the scientific method and errors. It discusses what is ordinary and extraordinary prefatory to attack on Charles Lyell's Uniformitarianism. I attack theories in science as a means to truth. Chapter 2 looks at Noah's Flood. I mention errors made by Voltaire on the subject. I point out that a scientific case can be made for it. I note critiques of Immanuel Velikovsky and past catastrophes in history, offering some support to his notions. Chapter 3 covers hydrocarbon fuels and evolution. I show that stratification of coal is consistent with coal as rock formation from non-biological sources. I point out incongruity of fern impressions in bituminous coal coming from biological sedimentation as defined by current views. In fact it supports the contending view of hydrocarbon fuel formation. Chapter 4 covers evolution. I attack Charles Lyell's Uniformitarianism. I point out that the floods supposed by Georges Cuvier can be reasonably postulated in conformance with Noah's Flood. I note that massive disturbances in the earth's surface would tend to flatten mountains while deluging the earth, removing the problem of covering Mt. Everest and high places so often used in the past. I note that recent discoveries posit subterranean water deposits equal to three times the water in surface oceans. I attack the timelines of current earth history, based largely on uniformitarian notions. I attack the proof of radioactive dating, the speculative nature of dating by fossils and thickness of deposits. In Chapter 5 I cover some modern topics such as Einstein's Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and problems with Newton's physics.

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