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How to Experience Happiness and Well-Being Despite Arthritis Pain

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It is well-known that arthritis sufferers can have a poor quality of life because of all the pain they endure and how hard their life is at the onset of arthritis. Actually, poor quality of life is usually comprised of experiencing disability, an inability to do things that you used to, and being unable to sleep well or exercise regularly. This is especially the case if we start to habitually experience pain as if it is an intimate part of us. By reframing our pain, we can experience a better quality of life.

I have discovered that arthritis sufferers can experience a good quality of life by reframing their life with arthritis. Naturally, we have to admit that on some level our life will never be the same because we are living with a debilitating illness. That kind of comes with the territory, doesn’t it? However, our life doesn’t have to be defined by our pain and fatigue. We could learn how to live a good quality of life, despite arthritis. And I will show you how to achieve this in what follows.

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