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Who’s Who is the only people of color historically based reference book of its kind. It’s a book that contains the names, faces, and life stories of Africans, African Americans, and many other people of color from around the world who have achieved great goals first. In this book, you’ll find the people of color who were inventors, scientists, pilots, politicians, businessmen, doctors, poets, athletes, entertainers, engineers, lawyers, musicians, artists, teachers, activists, philanthropists, movers and shakers of all kind and so much more all in one spot, here. You’ll find that history is filled with great innovators of color. These individuals accomplished great goals for the first time in a time when it was not so popular., and very dangerous to do so. This is a recognition of those who have dared to take a chance and go against the grain for new heights and new experiences, and to make this world a better place for all.
We honor those who have made the sacrifice, and gone beyond the boundaries of what was, and is expected of them to better humanity and our everyday lives. This is a great reference book that will have you no longer wondering where to find great information about the people who have paved the way and made a difference in the world today for Blacks, Hispanics, Indians, Arabs, Asians, and all other minorities across the world. It will inspire and motivate anyone searching for a great source of information. Take a look inside and learn things you never knew before. For the first time ever, the people of color Encyclopedia, the reference book is finally here; don’t miss an opportunity to be smarter tomorrow than you are today!
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