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Journey into Nightmares

238 pages3 hours


A collection of short stories for everyone but if you're going on the road, especially in any type of RV, or if you have a fear of big semi trucks you might want to read this one in the comfort of your bedroom with the lights on. If the last is really on your 'Things That Scare the Crap Out of Me' list, you might want a companion to keep you company and keep the Boogeyman at bay. If you love to travel the roads in a converted bus or a brand new RV these stories are sure to give you a shutter in the dark of night. For those brave souls who still want to open the cover, enjoy. May I recommend you read this book around a fire while you're camping out. Come on in and let me introduce you to some of my friends. There are those who will welcome you with open arms and some may make you run screaming into the night. A collection of short stories for the very brave especially if you love to travel, camp, own an RV, have a fear of semi trucks, or even just sleeping alone at night. These stories will scare you in ways that you have never been scared before. Don't look for the old tried but true here. That went out the door with this one.

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