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The Sugar Bowl Chronicles 4 (Chattel Sugar Cube)

38 pages34 minutes


Old journals from great grandmother Brianna to her namesake propel a personal journey towards freedom. This generation’s Brianna and sister will investigate and shine the light of truth on old southern plantation practices of masters and their female slaves or chattel. Are the LeGrand family’s secret history and the killings of local African American girls associated?

The old journals of their ancestor tell and hint at many horrors. Stanley LeGrand, the son of slave masters, wants to recapture the descendant of earlier runaway slave. Will he make her submit just like his ancestors did? Would their methods still work? Stanley’s companion and lover, Jeffrey Bowers, wants to share in lover’s fantasy and enforce his dominance. Does their relationship ignite the mystery of missing young girls in Spotsylvania, VA?
Who is the mysterious uncaught serial killer?

Will Brianna’s deception fail landing her into Stanley’s master slave fantasy?
Is Brianna’s independent facade hiding an unfulfilled desire to be controlled?
Will she ever be happy under a man’s rule?

From Beacon, NY to Virginia this tale takes the reader along into intimate events and consequence or the participants.

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