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A Quick Guide to Better Presentations

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This book is your quick guide to better presentations. In ten short chapters, you’ll have the strategies you need to create viewer-friendly presentations and to develop the speaking skills you need to mark you as a professional.
Like every other form of business communication, presentations have two purposes:
1. to make your company look good.
2. to make you look good.
This book will refer to PowerPoint® presentations but you can extrapolate the guidelines to any presentation format you choose. A format that adds more movement to your presentation or has backgrounds that are more interesting isn’t necessarily more accessible or more appreciated by your audience.
If you’re going to apply the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) to any form of business communication, your presentation is the one to pick. The strategies that follow will help you make a good impression and avoid boring your audience, and give you a pattern to follow that will make you a sought after presenter.

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