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Mysterious Stranger

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Jack gets publicly dumped by his girlfriend Alice, who then walks away with a mysterious stranger.
Jack does a bit of investigation and discovers that the mysterious stranger is a guy named Roland Seymour. It seems that Roland Seymour deals a bit of weed and also drives a stolen car. Roland Seymour is also dealing the weed without giving the local drug kingpin a cut of the action.
Jack then forms a plan.
The key elements of Jack's plan are to get the VIN and the license number from Roland Seymour's car and then report the stolen to the police while the drug lord's boys break into Roland's apartment. The police then arrest Roland Seymour for his stolen car. The drug lord's boys replace some of Roland Seymour's belongings with stuff that's not only stolen, but also involved in other crimes.
With Roland Seymour in custody, Jack becomes involved with the police, the FBI, the DEA and a local known as the Colonel. Jack is in big trouble, especially when the Colonel proves to have a sexy young daughter.
The Colonel has great power and Jack finds himself in a new, dangerous but interesting, situation.

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