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Wet on Wet: The Waldorf School Method of Painting and Color

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Learn How To Paint Like They Do In Waldorf Schools Worldwide

Do you ever wonder how the teachers teach the Waldorf school style of painting?

>>>This book describes the paints and pigments they use, the process of painting wet on wet, Goethe's color theory, how to handle the paintings, poems for painting, verses for painting and painting stories.

˃˃˃ Painting in Waldorf Schools Employs What is Called a "Wet-on-Wet" Watercolor Technique

This creates a medium for discovering the qualities of the primary colors. The nature of the movement of colors is found experientially. The secondary colors are derived by this technique. In the classrooms, the walls are painted in a style called Lazure. 

Finally, you can learn about painting and drawing in waldorf schools.

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