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A Danger to Himself and Others: Bomb Squad NYC Incident 1

338 pages4 hours


A disabled veteran explodes into bloody pieces in the middle of Times Square. Days later, a second man blows himself up in Brooklyn.

Are these the first attacks in a wave of terrorism that could bring New York City to its knees? Or is there a psychotic murderer on the loose, executing a twisted plan for his own hidden motives?

Detective Manny Diaz—also a veteran, and the newest member of the NYPD Bomb Squad—doesn’t yet know the answer. But he desperately wants to exonerate an honorable man who now lies dead.

In defiance of his fellow cops, Diaz sets out to develop an independent theory about what’s really going on—even though pursuing this investigation will require pushing himself to the very limits of his own sanity.

Already burdened by his reputation for resisting authority, Diaz now must solve the crime with no support from his bosses, while convincing those same men that he hasn’t gone crazy.

And Diaz has only hours to locate a maniacal bomb maker before many more New Yorkers die.

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