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The Hilarious Memoir of a Kept Man

Are women brighter than men? Mark Munro thinks so, and he has the facts to prove it! In this hilarious autobiography of a kept man, Munro decides that the newly dominant female sex has earned all the rights and privileges that were once the exclusive property of men. Most important is the right to keep mistresses, or in their case, boy toys. “Why not?” Munro asks. “Women have the power, the money, and the spare time that once was the exclusive property of the Old Boys Club. Why shouldn’t they use it the way men always did?”

Munro’s problem is that through no fault of his own he has become the property of three amorous cougars. mistresses were always clever enough to manage an army of sugar daddies, but men can’t cope with such complications. With scheme after scheme, he tries to keep the ladies apart. But, the best laid plans of men inevitably backfire, leaving him the helpless victim of feminine outrage. His only hope is a large dose of catnip.

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