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The Emerald Hills Collection

293 pages4 hours


Come back to Emerald Hills, the small town you fell in love with in FABRIC OF LIFE.

Includes All Seven Emerald Hills Novellas:
More Than Bonbons
Mallory’s Magical Gourds
Sheri Hits the Right Notes
Sole Responsibilities
Lolita’s Mirrors – NEW!
Sheriff Guthrie & the Orange Tabby – NEW!
Midu’s Magic

Emerald Hills is a small, tourist town, nestled in the hills of southern Indiana. Its shop owners sell all kinds of specialty goods, and many of them add their own touch of magic. Tana sings magic into her bonbons. Lolita rubs magic into the mirror frames she sands and stains. When Gino resoles a pair of shoes, it changes a person's life. But it takes love to transform the hopes and dreams of the people whose gifts do so much for others. Tana tries to push Nate away, but that proves an impossible feat. Lolita looks in her mirrors and sees only a girl with fine, blond hair and solemn gray eyes. Midu believes she's doomed to always be single. But Emerald Hills cradles magic in every nook and cranny, and its effects transform tourists and users alike.

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