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Spinners of Misfortune

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The Sequel to EMPTY ALTARS

Spinners can whirl their spindles to call forth magic. Can Diana block their dark spells and save the Norse lands one more time?

When Tyr doesn't show for a date with the goddess Diana, she's miffed. But it's not like Tyr to forget or neglect, so anger turns to worry. He wears the blank rune she gave him on a leather cord around his neck. She can track him with that, and she does. A good thing. She finds him shoulder-deep in waves, trying to help the thunder god, Donar, rescue a giant, black, guard dog and its masters. As Diana watches, a huge wave reaches from the sea, grabs the men out of their small boat, and drags them into the depths. She sniffs the air. Magic. THAT she can cope with. Diana has magic to spare. She raises her arms and chases away the storm clouds and calms the waters.
Six spinners stare in disbelief as their spindles stop whirling and their magic dies. The Norse gods don't have the power to thwart them. So who did? No matter. They turn their attention to the dwarves who live in deep caverns beneath the earth. They twirl their spindles and start their magic again. Underground water rushes into the dwarves' caves, but again, their magic is blocked and the waters recede. Frustrated, the women regroup. The Norse have nine worlds, and it doesn't matter which of them they attack. The gods try to protect them all, and the spinners are determined to make the gods miserable.
A desperate struggle begins. The gods do all in their power to protect their lands, and the spinners do everything possible to create havoc and start a war between the immortals.

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